Google Reader Rolled Out “Send To” Feature – Now More Social

Google reader has announced a new feature “Send To” which is more social where you can directly send your favorite items to Twitter, Digg, Myspace, StumbleUpon, Facebook, Delicious etc.

To enable this feature, head to “Settings” in Google Reader and there you can find “Send To” tab which will provide the services you send. You can even set custom services.

Google reader


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Humorous, Hilariously Funniest Google Suggest Solutions

Everyone in the world is familiar with Google Suggest, that search query box that crops up what we type in our search on Google and suggests the relevant results. I just did Google for a search queries which is related to United States President’s name.  I’ve found it’s a lot more useful for humor than anything else. You can watch here about the funniest and humorous results when we search for their names.

bushobamaclintongeorge bushjimmy carterronald reagan

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Google Rolls Out New Search Engine Result Page

Today when I opened Google for searching queries,  I wondered and amazed that Google has been rolled out some changes in its result pages. There changes are given below with the obvious screen shots.

immanuel ruby - Google Search_1246803949049


1. The Reduced Google logo at the top of the page

2. Big Space Between Search Box and First row of the SERP

So, Do you have any idea on the changes of Google? What is the purpose of sudden Google changes? Do you like the new look of Google SERP? I like the previous one. As time goes on I would learn to like this new look once I get used to it.

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The King of POP Michael Jackson’s (MJ) Tremendous Impact on Web Trends

The death of the king of pop singer Michael Jackson is having a global impact, but all online and social media brings into sharp focus on the scale of the world’s shock and sadness. Previously, we might have known of a pop star’s passing via internet, web, TV,freinds, colleagues etc.
You could see a massive impact on Michael Jackson’s death and the rush of traffic through Twitter trending topics, Google insight search and Google hot trends over the past three days. Here is the screen shot for your reference.

Gogole insight search has a massive web traffic during the death of MJ.

google insights

Google hot trends has a trending topic of Michael Jackson


Twitter trending topic has included Michael Jackson

Twitter - Home_1246193219495

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La.Ganesan Follows Barak Obama and L K Advani Style Internet Marketing Campaign

Its really been a right time to focus on online marketing for all small scale business and large scale business. The main and wondering thing happened on online marketing around the world is that, all politicians have started their online marketing.

Indian politicians have started feeling the power and secret of internet marking with the Indian Lok Sabha Election 2009.

As we all know U.S president Barack Obama had started before his online marketing campaign and rocking on internet marketing.

Followed him our Indian BJP prime minister Mr. L K Advani had also started his online marketing campaign to run Indian Lok Sabha Election 2009.

Now our Tamilnadu BJP President La. Ganesan has jumped into online marketing. You can see their press releases, election 2009 manifestos and their campaign schedule on his website .


They are displying Google Ads on network and attracted visitors by their image ads.

Hope now you all can understand the power of online marketing. India is started developing their online markting effectively.

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SearchMasters and SearchCamp 2009 -India

It’s an amazing opportunity for every Indian webmasters to sharpen their knowledge through SearchCamp and SearchMasters 2009 conferences. As all know, all blog owners had strated their thread regarding this.

SearchMasters camp is fully based on invitation oriented. It is an one day even on 28-Feb-08. They have provided registration form on Now they have closed their registrations. They are planning to discuss about Webmaster central and best practices, Google custom search, Google analytics and website optimizer. Well, you know their speakers are from Google.Venue is Bangalore.

SearchCamp will be happening at Tidel park, Chennai. It is a two days event from 28-Feb-09 to 01-Mar-09. First day would be focused on SEO, SMM and second day would be focused on PPC. One good news is that, this camp is supported by SEMPO. They have invited special speakers for taking sessions. Registration fee is Rs. 500.

Now you may have questions…..Where shall I attend? Good. I will give a suggestion. If you have got an invitation from SearchMasters then you go and attend there. Have your presence over there on SearchCamp in the second day session and explore your ideas

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Google uncovers scanned documents

Scanned documents such as academic papers, or government reports used to be off limits for the Googlebot. That’s because when scanned, the entire paper appeared as a giant image, instead of text.

using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Google is able to turn these documents into text and will begin including these files in its search results.

Previously, Google was only able to search the filename and limited meta data associated with these files in order to include them in search results. Google’s new technology now turns the scanned “images of text” into computer readable text itself.

As with traditional PDF files, when you encounter a scanned document, you’ll be able to view the original version, or the text only version Google has created. To see the technology in action, try the search repairing aluminum wiring (the first result should be a scanned document).

This type of technology has been around for a while now, but the scanning accuracy has always been a problem. Some words would get jumbled or miss spelt, so it’s impressive that Google has found a solution that’s accurate enough to be used for their search results.

This mean for SEO, if we have got any scanned documents on our site, for e.g press releases, newspaper articles or white papers, this now gives our business more chances to appear in Google’s search results.By giving more content for Google to index, you’ll improve your chances in coming up for queries related to these documents!

If you’re hiding any information on the web by keeping it as an image, you may want to consider removing those files now 🙂

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