SearchMasters and SearchCamp 2009 -India

It’s an amazing opportunity for every Indian webmasters to sharpen their knowledge through SearchCamp and SearchMasters 2009 conferences. As all know, all blog owners had strated their thread regarding this.

SearchMasters camp is fully based on invitation oriented. It is an one day even on 28-Feb-08. They have provided registration form on Now they have closed their registrations. They are planning to discuss about Webmaster central and best practices, Google custom search, Google analytics and website optimizer. Well, you know their speakers are from Google.Venue is Bangalore.

SearchCamp will be happening at Tidel park, Chennai. It is a two days event from 28-Feb-09 to 01-Mar-09. First day would be focused on SEO, SMM and second day would be focused on PPC. One good news is that, this camp is supported by SEMPO. They have invited special speakers for taking sessions. Registration fee is Rs. 500.

Now you may have questions…..Where shall I attend? Good. I will give a suggestion. If you have got an invitation from SearchMasters then you go and attend there. Have your presence over there on SearchCamp in the second day session and explore your ideas


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