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La.Ganesan Follows Barak Obama and L K Advani Style Internet Marketing Campaign

Its really been a right time to focus on online marketing for all small scale business and large scale business. The main and wondering thing happened on online marketing around the world is that, all politicians have started their online marketing.

Indian politicians have started feeling the power and secret of internet marking with the Indian Lok Sabha Election 2009.

As we all know U.S president Barack Obama had started before his online marketing campaign and rocking on internet marketing.

Followed him our Indian BJP prime minister Mr. L K Advani had also started his online marketing campaign to run Indian Lok Sabha Election 2009.

Now our Tamilnadu BJP President La. Ganesan has jumped into online marketing. You can see their press releases, election 2009 manifestos and their campaign schedule on his website .


They are displying Google Ads on network and attracted visitors by their image ads.

Hope now you all can understand the power of online marketing. India is started developing their online markting effectively.


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